Tips on Selecting the Right Stamped Concrete Contractor

Do you want to get a new patio, driveway, or walkway? If you do, you should consider choosing stamped concrete because it’s a decorative option that costs less than other commonly used materials, such as bricks and natural stone. The stamped concrete is poured like the regular one, but afterwards, textures and patterns can be added. But since properly pouring decorative concrete requires having a certain level of experience and special tools, it’s best to leave it in the hands of a professional concrete contractor. So, if you want to get your patio, walkway or driveway made of this type of concrete, you need to find and book trustworthy experts for the job. And because we know how hard this could be, we have decided to share some helpful tips with you.

  • You have to search for contractors that specialize in stamped concrete because as we have mentioned earlier, it requires having experience and certain tools. So, don’t forget to ask the professionals you contact whether they have experience with pouring this type of concrete.
  • Another thing you shouldn’t forget to ask them is to give you some references. It’s best if you can get some addresses of their previous clients so you can drive past their homes and see the concrete work. If it’s possible, try talking to some of them about the way the company you are considering has completed their job.
  • Make sure the companies you are willing to hire are licensed and insured. Also, check if they can offer you any guarantees.
  • Once you choose some contractors that meet your requirements, you should meet them to discuss further details about the project. But before that, try finding some inspiration online so you can show them some driveways and patios you really like.
  • Make sure to ask whether they can remove already existing concrete, if they can do base preparation, how thick the concrete they use is, what everything will cost you, and how much time they will need for the job.

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